How to Implement Rules

How to Implement Rules

•   Involve your child in discussions about rules and routines.

•    Give specific instructions, keep it short and simple.

•   Be consistent: Children need to know precisely what you expect. You have to remain the same regardless of the situation.

•    Assign tasks that your child is capable of doing on his own. The goal is to teach your child to do things independently and how to be successful at it.

•    Write down routines as sequences of tasks (2-5 items only), and post where easily visible (refrigerator, bathroom mirror). Review lists regularly with your child.

•   Set aside enough time for the child to complete task and other responsibilities.  

•   Expect gradual improvement. It takes time to change old habits that have been set in place for a long period so be mindful that it will take time to form new ones.

•    Positive reinforcement for every little try and effort. You must Praise effort and not just results. Reward good behavior more often than you punish bad.

 Add family time with chores and tasks and make sure you allow for free time in daily routines. 

The G.O.O.D & B.A.D of Disciplining vs. Punishment

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