Managing Behavior Do’s & Don’ts

Managing Behavior Do’s & Don’ts


•   Discipline appropriately based on age.

•   Preschoolers are fine with time out only

•   Children as old as 12 can also benefit from time out

•   Preteen and teenager, you can have a conversation about what consequence would be applicable

•   Teach New Skills

•   Provide a replacement behavior for the act.  

•   Teach the child difference with being upset and having a physical aggression.

•   Respond Calmly. Be firm yet not aggressive.

•    Wait for the child to calm down before you respond, send them to time out, until they have calmed down.

•   Provide Immediate Consequences if possible or wait for your spouse to come home, and      discuss a plan of action.

•   Create an Act of Kindness

•   Use Physical activity.

•   Make child repair the broken item or fix the damage


•   Match your child aggression

•   Binary punish.

•   Bribe or bargain with your child

•   Model aggression

Impulse Control Activities

Impulse Control Activities

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