The G.O.O.D & B.A.D of Disciplining vs. Punishment

Good and Bad of Disciplining vs. Punishment

The G.O.O.D. 
Guide: With limitation, expectation while teaching what is appropriate and alternative positive behaviors. 
OK: There is nothing wrong with disciplining your child. Having boundaries for children is a good and positive thing. 
Objectives: It is a teaching Tool for everyone involved.
Direction: On how to: respect others, maintain self-control, be responsible, make good choices, respond in different situations 

The B.A.D
Bridge- between parent-child, more you punish less they share. 
Anger –  Validates fear in children, accomplish nothing
Disaster- weakens your message and creates a dysfunctional pattern of communication. 

How to Implement Rules

How to Implement Rules

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